I've come to realize that religion has caused an awful lot of harm in the past, and continues to cause harm today. I've been watching lots of debates, atheist videos and shows, and I feel I've gained a pretty good handle on atheist and theist arguments. I find my head filled with ideas and arguments, so I thought I should make a place to keep them all organized. I hope this blog will be of interest to anyone who cares about the subjects of atheism and theism.


This is written solely from my point of view, this is not an attempt to convert anyone. All I try to do is to 

encourage clear thinking. If you find any errors, have feedback or suggestions, then please get in contact.



Hello, my name is Rob and this is my first blog. I go by the username robvalue wherever I can, so if you've heard the name before then it's very likely to be me! I live in England, I'm a 38 year old atheist, and I recently got very interested in atheism and the problems religion causes. I was not raised to be religious, but neither was I raised as an atheist. The subject was just never discussed and I came to my own conclusions. 


The first time I became aware of religion was at the age of about 5. At school, we were made to pray in assembly. I found it very strange and confusing. Even at that age, it was clear to me that what was happening was illogical. I have never changed my opinion since then.



About me

Why I made this website



It may be possible there is some sort of "creator" which made what we think of as reality. However, there is no good reason to think that this is the case. Science provides us with very good models of the universe, right the way back to almost the big bang, without the extra assumption of divine interference. So this means that if there is a creator, it's involvement stopped after creating our reality.


We have not detected any kind of creator within our reality, and if it is somehow outside of our reality, then it is currently impossible to learn anything about it.


So there's no evidence for a creator, but if there was one, there's no reason to think it is interacting or even watching us anymore. In other words, it is totally irrelevant, until more evidence is found.


I do not wish for all religion to be forced to end. What I want is for the harm religion causes to stop, along with the special treatment the law offers it, such as tax breaks in America. In England, religion appears to be almost exactly where I would want it to be worldwide. Generally, people get on with their own religion, and don't impose it on others. It's not pushed in government. I don't feel at all uncomfortable being an atheist in England, it's not even an issue.


However, I know this is not the case in other countries. In America, there is a huge majority of christians, which wouldn't be a problem in of itself, but sadly there is a tendency for them to be mistrusting or even hostile towards atheists. And in some countries, even announcing yourself to be an atheist could actually result in you being killed.

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